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Wedding AccessoriesChoosing Flower Jewelry According to Your Dress Color

Choosing Flower Jewelry According to Your Dress Color

Flowers are nothing but the source of happiness that attracts all the positivity towards you. For a bride, flowers and jewelry deserves a special place in her trousseau. So when it comes to jewelry designed with flowers, it’s a hit show for any bride. There are so many trends of jewelry that have been loved by people. However, we all are always touched and inspired by nature’s beauty in everything.

Flower jewelry is trending these days. Hence, you can style it with different dresses on different occasions such as Engagement, Mehndi, Haldi, or even the Wedding day. We are expertise in designing color contrasting floral jewelry to make it stand out. Here you can get those tips to choose flower jewelry according to your dress color.

What is Bridal Floral Jewelry?

You can say flower jewelry is “Environment-friendly Jewelry” for brides or bridesmaids. It comes in different styles, patterns, shapes, and sizes. You can opt for either artificial flower jewelry or fresh flower jewelry. You can wear it in different forms such as Mangtikka, Matha Patti, Necklace, Baaju Bandh, Haathphool, Earrings, Anklets, and many more according to your outfit.

Floral jewelry will give you a glammed-up look but unlike expensive gold or diamond jewelry, it is a cheaper and smarter way to enhance your look. Make sure it stands out from the rest as you contrast it with your outfit. Let’s discuss how you can choose flower jewelry according to your dress color.

Dark Flower Jewelry with Lighter Outfits

If the dress or lehenga for your D-Day is lighter in color, for example, light shades of pink, blue, green, or lilac, etc. then you must go for the same hues but in darker shades. You can combine pink rose jewelry with your stunning yellow lehenga. Other than that, a jewelry set of blue orchids or red roses can work wonders on your pastel outfit. While deciding on such color contrast, along necklace joined with a shorter one will too work best else it could look extra.

Keep a Single Statement Piece

Every bride desires to give herself a completely beautiful floral touch. But too much floral touch doesn’t look cool rather looks gaudy. For instance, if you are pairing up your necklace with Genda Mathapatti and Jasmine danglers then you will look too extra. Hence, keep it subtle by choosing one or two statement pieces. Too much will make you look over the top only.

Experiment with Different Colors

Don’t be too matchy with outfits and your floral jewelry. Let your favorite floral jewelry highlight your look. Pair yellow rose with white pearls for that chic Haldi or Mehndi look. Let the bright, elegant, and bold colors do the talking for you. It’s your D-day, not some random day where you want to play safe.

These are some basic tips that a bride can take help from while choosing her floral jewelry. From Lily to Roses to Orchids to Genda, you can choose any flower to glam up that special look. This floral jewelry will not only spread freshness and fragrance but can also be considered a lightweight replacement for heavy jewelry. Well, the trend is not going anywhere and is here to stay longer we believe. So don’t miss out and check out our floral jewelry collection to make your special occasion even more special.

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