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FloralWhich Flowers Long Last in a Vase?

Which Flowers Long Last in a Vase?

To make someone smile, it takes a vase full of fresh flowers. It becomes more special when it stays longer than two days! You spend hours selecting flowers to gift your loved ones, and just after two days, it withers. We have a collection of such fresh and luxurious flowers that stay longer than other flowers.

In India, being a part of polluted air and environment, it’s hard to tell how long flowers will look beautiful before their leaves wilt and petals start dropping. So we got a list of luxury flowers in India that will stay longer. So next time when you want to buy flowers, make sure you choose from our top picks.

6 Fresh-Cut Flowers That Last the Longest

Here, we will talk about long-lasting luxury flowers and how one can look after them.


Lilies usually have the most extended vase lives of around 8-10 days. This is because when we cut fresh lilies, some of them are full-grown, and some are only in buds. Water in a vase helps those buds bloom and make it into a fresh, fully grown lily. Hence, it lasts up to 10 days. Also, Asiatic lilies have small buds, whereas Oriental lilies have bigger buds.

When you put it in a vase, make sure to remove any leaves below the waterline. It prevents the build-up of bacteria in the water while keeping your lilies and fresher for long. Water should be at room temperature, and ensure you change it daily.


Anthuriums come in various colors and are also called “Flamingo Flower” and are usually found in a tropical environment. So don’t panic if your beautiful heart-shaped Anthurium starts to wilt & die. All you have to do is, take care of this flower properly, as it can last from 8 days to 15 days.

Keep this flower in a vase, give them enough water, and ensure they receive plenty but indirect sunlight. By doing these simple things, your flower will bloom and look fresh for long.

Cymbidium Orchids

Cymbidium Orchids are one of the luxury flowers in India. This regal flower comes in a variety of lush colors. They are exquisite and long-lasting flowers. On a plant, it stays and blooms for 4-12 weeks, and as a cut flower, it remains for 2-4 weeks. Taking care of this premium flower will make it last longer. Put these flowers into cold temperature, and you can add ice cubes in the vase water. Make sure to not over or underwater these orchids. Keep them away from heat, humidity, or direct sunlight and keep them near the window for a cool breeze.


Daisies come in various colors. Daisies require more and more water. Hence, you must fill your vase with high-level water. Change the water daily. Clean the vase in case of any dead leaves or petals floating on it as it creates bacteria which shortens the life of daisy. If you take care of your daisy, then they last from 5 to 7 days.

Birds of Paradise

These royal birds of paradise flowers come in various colors such as Orange, White, and Blue that resemble the beak of birds. It doesn’t matter if it is on the or off the plant; it stays up two weeks. However, it can last more than that if handled carefully. This flower doesn’t need over or under watering; just an adequate amount of water is required. Birds of Paradise grow very well under the bright sunlight. It is also known as a self-cleaning flower that rarely needs pruning.


Carnations are popular luxury flowers and can stay up to 3 weeks if taken care of. They are versatile flowers and come in a huge variety of colors. Carnations do not require direct sunlight or heat. However, they require water. So it is advised to water these flowers adequately.

Fresh flowers are perfect for brightening up any space, but their longevity gets reduced once they come in contact with bacteria, fungi, or dehydration. Those mentioned above are the best flowers that have longer vase life as compared to other flowers. Along with this, every flower needs care like a child, and that too in its unique way. So whenever you pick flowers for gifting or yourself, choose wisely!

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